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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This is why I Schnibble.....

...No, not because of those 100 mistakes I made on the left side of this photo.  LOL

But because of creating a pattern that I've never attempted before - and in this case: Pinwheels!

The fabric is from the magic closet and is called "Spring Fling" by Me and My Sister.  

June's Schnibbles, "Dulcinea", is made larger to fit a hanger in our living room for summertime.  This measures 38 1/2" sq.  I tried to mimic the big flowers in the fabric with the quilting.   The colors are totally out of my color zone, but thanks to Polly, I gave something "else" a try besides brown.  LOL  Thanks, Polly, I have no regrets.

Got block 2 done for "Deck-ade the Halls" from Fat Quarter's Jolly Jabber.

Made 5 little 12" sq. Little Quilts for July 4th.  (Thanks to Carol's Crafty Creations...winking)

And then made this BIG zipper bag up in a hurry for DGS. He put all his drawing tablets, pens and pencils in it to take with him camping.  It's literally 2 fat quarters: one for the outside and one for the lining - quilted with a zipper.  I make these bags in ALL sizes. They're so convenient. I'm do to make myself a few more in assorted sizes.

As I wrote on my FB page:

I don't sew often but when I do, I sew all day.

FYI - I placed a fabric order with Craftsy here for the first time since I found out about a sale from their emails that I subscribe to.  It arrived today nicely wrapped and fairly speedy delivery via USPS.  Have any of you taken classes from Craftsy?  I have not but am wondering how that exactly works and if it's worth the price.

Hope you're finding time to sew too.  Happy Wednesday.



Barb said...

Oh wow...you are doing some fun fun things over there.

Yes, I have taken a few classes from Craftsy, a serger class(wonderful) and a photography class (I got lost in this one...maybe when I go deeper into it it will tell me what I want to know.

ytsmom said...

Your Schnibble is so cute! Love it!!

Diane said...

you are one busy girl! love your schnibbles and the colors-out of my zone too but sometimes that's fun!

Yvette said...

Hey there Schnibble queen, that one is adorable.

I bought a hand quilting class from Craftsy but I have yet to view it. Why did I think I had the time for an online class when I haven't had time to sew? LOL!

Candace said...

Isn't it great what happens when you go outside of your favorite color schemes, Cindy? That's what I love so much about my Supreme sewing - I go out of the box and discover more new favs! I haven't explored Craftsy much yet, but it looks like it might be time!

Quilt Hollow said...

Sweet Schnibble! It's Happy!

barbara woods said...

try one of their free classes forst just to see

Sinta Renee said...

Oh my goodness! Cindy you are on a roll! I am loving your Schnibbles and your FQS Deck-ade quilt blocks too! Wow, and you think I get a lot done... it looks like you have had a great time in your sewing room!

MoeWest said...

Craftsy has some free classes you could try first. Creative Quilt Backs by Elizabeth Hartman is a good one.

Carrie P. said...

your quilt is gorgeous. love those fabrics.

Kigwit said...

I love the colors in your Schnibble. But I'm a brown person too!

Michele said...

Your Schnibble is adorable Cindy :-) That's why I Schnibble too. It's fun and challenging to go a bit out of your comfort zone with some of these little quilts. Your Dulcinea looks like a great success to me :-)