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Friday, January 4, 2013

Motivation with a "10" Total

Can I motivate you "to get started"?  

Sinta recently asked me what my daily "regular" walk is.  My answer:  I love to do a 5 mile jaunt.  "Jaunt" to me is a fast-paced walk outside... or a walk for 3 min and then jog for 2 min on the treadmill.

Today - a "10" mile total ..... 2.5 miles outside with two of our dogs followed directly by an additional 7.5 miles on my treadmill.   Pictured below is "My Thing".

Followed by my "Other New Thing" for 2013:  a "stepper" borrowed from DD.
It's that little black thing on the floor in front of the treadmill.

In December 2010 I asked hubby to buy me a treadmill.  He asked: "What would you do with that?"  No kidding - that's what he asked.  I told him I wanted to lose some weight without having to leave the house. That January of 2011, I found myself with a treadmill and I joined Weight Watchers.  

Did I follow their Points Plus system?  I did for 2 months until Candace turned me onto Livestrong that her hubby used for tracking.  That was the "big one" for me as far as tracking my food and exercise and it is FREE !!  I stayed with Weight Watchers strictly for support.  

7 months later I was 70 lbs lighter. Went from a VERY tight 18W jeans to a regular size 6 in jeans.

Was it all worth it?  YES, YES, YES !!!  Was it alot of work?  YES, YES, YES !!!  But, the interesting thing is after just a few months of "treadmilling", I started to look forward to it.   Okay, people have told me I'm a bit "warped".  I now know that they're right.

And what would a sewing blog be without a little sewing picture?  

FYI - Please forgive me if I add weight/health related things in my blog occasionally.  It's now a part of my life - permanently.

Can I motivate you "to get started"?



Janet said...

I started in September. Fitness Pal has really helped me keep on track. I bought a recumbent bike, because of knee problems. Your post has really encouraged me to stick with it. It's always good to read a success story. Exercise is so important to feeling good!

Ranch Wife said...

Wow! Congratulations! You must feel amazing and I'll bet you look pretty good too! :) You ought to be proud! We have a very old Schwinn Air Dyne. We are thinking of getting a treadmill/elliptical when we wear the bike out. Can you wear them out? I walk outside most of the time, but in the winter, I'm a wimp.

Andee said...

I will check out Livestong! I need all the help i can get!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great job Cindy!! Keep it up.

joan said...

As I said in my e-mail you are my inspiration!!!

Kathy said...

Yes! You are an inspiration. I have done WW on many occassions -- seems to be the only thing that works for me. I'm thinking about doing it again and you have inspired me! Great job on the weight loss and fitness routine.

Happy New Year.

Carrie P. said...

exercise is a very good thing. keep it up. I meet my husband at his job on his lunch break where they have a
walking trail and we walk together just about every day.
keep up the good work.

Sinta Renee said...

You are an inspiration! I did try once before... and didn't do well. I get so busy with my husbands health crisis's... do you think I could possibly think about myself in 2013???

Barb said...

I think that is totally awesome!!! Great job!

Diane said...

Way to get healthy Cindy! I have been exercising regularly for almost 2 years now. I lost 25 lbs eating as 'healthily as I could and walking 3-5 miles most days a week. It's such a great feeling to not be uncomfortable in clothes. My goal now is to keep myself at a healthy weight and physically fit for the rest of my days. I would love to have a treadmill but there is just no where to fit one here in my little house. If we were ever to move into a bigger house, it would be one of the first things I would get for me!

CJ Tinkle said...

You are an inspiration CIndy! I am motivated to do the same this year, but with a different approach. 2 miles a day is enough for me to walk, but I've totally changed my eating habits with "Primal Blueprint" and I am starting to feel wonderful! I need to lose 35 lbs, and I intend to make that happen this year! I hope to join you in a size 6 soon!

Jackie said...

I'd love to look forward to exercise! Congratulations on meeting your goal and maintaining it!

Carol said...

What an inspiration you are! I couldn't be happier for you! I do Pilates 2 mornings a week but need to get more Cardio in...would love to see more of your diet and exercise on your blog...tell us about your "stepper"....I'm clapping and cheering!

SewCalGal said...

You are a great inspirational role model. I'm kicking off a serious plan to drop some weight as my jeans are way too tight. Starting to log all my calories and exercise into MyFitnessPal.

You've done a great job Cindy. Congratulations.


Monica said...

So glad to see you back Cindy! It's been too long.

I love this post. You're story is so similar to mine that I coul've written it myself. Hubs bought me a treadmile last year and its just sat there. January 1st I started a new diet but instead of using Livestrong, I use the USDA's Supertracker. So far so good...16 days in and 6 pounds lost.

Keep up the good work...and keep posting. You were missed.