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Monday, October 24, 2011

A Few things

Oh my word, been awhile again since I posted.  But, I've been a busy girl so here goes:

Finished DD's black satin dress:  Blogger isn't cooperating today. Sorry about the turning.

Ruching at fitted waistline with design done in Bernina Software.

Bottom design that I chose to compliment other design.

Gave son and DD their quilt a couple weeks ago: Same free pattern from Moda Bake Shop as this one.

Why is there a bump under that upper right cotner?

Well, look who peaked out...LOL

I love the backing on this one - alot !

And what is on the table now?  Three blocks already appliqued, ready to quilt.  They'll each be roughly 12" square. Have to quilt them and decide how to embellish them.

What's on your table?

Happy Monday Evening.  I'm off to DD's house for homemade enchiladas.  Yum....


paulette said...

Wow!! You HAVE been busy!! Your daughter must be thrilled with her dress and love your son and DD quilt!! Just lovely!

Stephanie said...

Dresses, quilts, and blocks, oh my! Your daughter obviously loves her dress. :o) Your furry friend obviously loves the quilt. Perhaps testing the coziness before it finds it's new home?

Quilt Hollow said...

No wonder I hadn't heard from you!!! Dang Cindy...putting a few of us to shame! That black dress is gorgeous! (and daughter too)
I'm just cracking up at the silly lump under that beauty of a quilt! Hilarious!!!

Diane H said...

Hey, Cindy! Your beautiful daughter looks amazing in the dress. Great job!

Gene Black said...

The dress and the quilt are both lovely.

Michelle said...

The dress is stunning!

Anita said...

Wow...everything is just beautiful!

If you resize your pictures in your own editing software, then delete and re-add the ones that are on their sides, they will be upright. If pictures are too large (megapixels), they will turn in blogger. =) Hope that helps.

Carol said...

You have been a VERY busy girl! The dress is amazing! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love the quilt but I think my favorite thing is that sweet pup peeking out!

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Gorgeous DD and dress! Love the lump under the quilt. :-) Yum, now I'm hungry for enchilada's! :-)

Carrie P. said...

What a beautiful dress. Well done. Love the waist band.
Another pretty quilt.
Yum! enchiladas.