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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lincoln Schnibbles

Been having trouble with posting pics,on my blog so I'm trying this post via my iPad. 
 Lincoln Schnibbles :

Sunday, June 30, 2013

A few more finishes and more...

Appliquéd leaves with machine blanket stitching, simply quilted. Snowmen simply quilted, 15" by 14".  The Fall leaves measures 23" by 13 1/2".  

The next day 3 more completions: the angel has an embroidered North Star, angel halo and little stars ( hard to see), 14" by 16"..  The kitty one is 22" by 17".  The snowman is 14" by 16"...all with simple quilting.

Ready to cut:  not Fall and not Christmas....

Guess you can tell what these will be.

The quilting:

What's going on in your sewing room?   

Happy Sunday.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

June Christmas continues...

An appliqué, then machine blanket stitched, 12" sq. pillow completed yesterday while DGD spent the night.

The Santa fabric was perfect for the back.

And since I had no pillow form, made one from doubled muslin.

Happy Thursday.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Christmas in June?

Still working on Christmas and Fall sewing....
It took one FULL bobbin of thread on my Bernina 830 just to cross-hatch these  11 1/2" sq. little quilts

And some time outside for a break with Bailey.  She's allowed to walk 2 miles a day with me now..but with her wound staying covered.

This is the first time I'm posting on Blogger using my iPad.

Happy Wednesday.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Serious time...

...has been spent in my sewing room with the kids at my feet - literally......they do love each other.

First thing accomplished: A simple table runner measuring 38 1/2" by 17". Could work on Christmas year round if I had to.

Next finish: Table runner measuring 12" by 24".  The fused applique was machine blanket stitched.

On the work table: some just cut, some ready to applique and some ready to decide "how" to finish

Jolly Jabber put out "Vintage Ornaments" today to do for the next step in Deck-ade the Halls.  Since hubby left this morning, I was able to spend serious time in the sewing room again.

Wanted to share these little goodies I bought from FQS that has made my life so much easier.  You'll even see them in the above pic on top of each block piece.  Here's the link to see see them closer.  I used to always use cut up pieces of paper for labeling.  If the grandkids still had them, I would use their ABC letters they used to have.
 Vintage Ornaments is now complete!!!

Now to clean up the sewing room - or not.  I hear the hottub calling my name.

That's been my last 2/3 days. What have you been up to?


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This is why I Schnibble.....

...No, not because of those 100 mistakes I made on the left side of this photo.  LOL

But because of creating a pattern that I've never attempted before - and in this case: Pinwheels!

The fabric is from the magic closet and is called "Spring Fling" by Me and My Sister.  

June's Schnibbles, "Dulcinea", is made larger to fit a hanger in our living room for summertime.  This measures 38 1/2" sq.  I tried to mimic the big flowers in the fabric with the quilting.   The colors are totally out of my color zone, but thanks to Polly, I gave something "else" a try besides brown.  LOL  Thanks, Polly, I have no regrets.

Got block 2 done for "Deck-ade the Halls" from Fat Quarter's Jolly Jabber.

Made 5 little 12" sq. Little Quilts for July 4th.  (Thanks to Carol's Crafty Creations...winking)

And then made this BIG zipper bag up in a hurry for DGS. He put all his drawing tablets, pens and pencils in it to take with him camping.  It's literally 2 fat quarters: one for the outside and one for the lining - quilted with a zipper.  I make these bags in ALL sizes. They're so convenient. I'm do to make myself a few more in assorted sizes.

As I wrote on my FB page:

I don't sew often but when I do, I sew all day.

FYI - I placed a fabric order with Craftsy here for the first time since I found out about a sale from their emails that I subscribe to.  It arrived today nicely wrapped and fairly speedy delivery via USPS.  Have any of you taken classes from Craftsy?  I have not but am wondering how that exactly works and if it's worth the price.

Hope you're finding time to sew too.  Happy Wednesday.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Winner...and new stuff...

Had a few things delivered from the Brown Guys yesterday.  

The panel and bottom left FQ bundle with the red(ish) and brown(ish) is a new line called "Crisp" by Anni Downs of Hatched & Patched for Henry Glass Fabrics.  

The other FQ Bundles :  The blacks with whites FQ Bundle is called "Stone Villageware Toile" by Renee Nanneman for Andover Fabrics.  The browns and beiges are called "Chestnut Villageware Toile".

Had ordered a few patterns as well:

The winner of the "One Day' was chosen by our grandson, Ty, who spent the night with me.  He chose #53, Yvette of BOM Quilter.  I don't quite know how long it's been, but I've admired Yvette's enthusiasm for quite awhile now.  She gets more accomplished on her weekends than most people do for the entire week.  Yvette, I have emailed you for your address.  If you haven't received it yet, please email me your info.

I didn't get to responding to all the comments yet - but would like to extend a sincere Thank-You for such kind and wonderful thoughts for Bailey.  I truly appreciate all of you.

Happy Sewing.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One Day Giveaway & Bailey Update

It's been awhile since offering a "One Day".    There are 3 charm packs of "Civil War Anthem" by Barbara Brackman & Terry Clothier Thompson. 

Here is a Small Quilt I made from a charm pack of the same fabrics a few months back (with some added lighter fabrics):

Update on Bailey's vet visit yesterday:  Picture of the area that has been stitched  3 times with no luck.  This is where the bigger tumor was extracted. You can literally put your big finger in the gaping hole.

Vet removed the torn sutures from around the area, cleaned and sterilized the area with Chlorhexadine - and made it a "cleaner" looking area.

What has to be done at home:  Daily cleaning with Chlorhexadine liquid (available without prescription at any pharmacy).  I literally pore the Chlorhexadine right in the cavity, even using a Qtip in and around the wound. Then actually rub the area with sterile gauze to "upset", or "rough up",  the area into wanting to grow new cells to form a new skin covering.  This procedure is called "Granulation" healing.  It's what they do quite often when healing troublesome areas.  It is not uncommon, infact our son in nursing school,  learned about this healing technique his first semester.  He knew exactly what the vet was talking about.   Keeping the wound covered is essential after daily cleaning.  Bailey still cannot do our long walks until she's completely healed which can take up to 8 weeks.  Bailey will get all the other sutures removed next Monday.

As many know, "One Day" simply means I offer a giveaway for "One Day" only, 24 hours.  To be eligible, simply leave a comment and I'll have DGS, who is spending the night, pick a number from the comments tomorrow morning.  

Happy Tuesday.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Catching Up...

Oh my, it's been 3 weeks since posting.  A bit of catching up to do.

Completed is the every other month Simply Charming little quilt for June sponsored by Kindred Quilts and Quilting Daze.  This one measures 24" by 19 1/2" and is called "Stars Over the Mountain"

I am SO enjoying participating in Fat Quarter Shop's "Deck-ade the Halls".The Gingerbread men were just fun to make.  The kit is available here but  if you choose to use your own fabrics,  they give a free pattern every two weeks for a new block with very easy instructions on "The Jolly Jabber:  Tomorrow is block #2.  

Yes, I make plenty of mistakes - and in this case - "100" of them.  I have my June's Schnibbles pattern, Dulcinea, cut and ready to sew as sponsored by A Quilting Life and Pink Pincushion.  Well, I should say "cut again" because I had to cut the white and aquas "AGAIN" since the first batch I sewed the wrong sides together.  It was SO much easier to just recut and save those 100 mistakes to use later , somehow.

And below is why I have been lax in posting on the blog for awhile.  Bailey, our rescue Weimaraner had major surgery May 24. The lab work came back and sadly it was cancer.  Her incision is a thrid around her body.  That's a drainage tube you see sticking out at the bottom of her incision.

Here she is resting in the corner under my sewing counter.  She's been a real trooper as I wrap and rewrap her in a make-shift bandage that I made from diapers I keep to use to make newborn burb cloths.  In these two pics, the incision is left open - which has to be done occasionally as well.  Her prognosis, as determined by the vet and the labwork done on the tumors, is good.  The labwork says it appears that they cut enough surrounding tissue to clear the cancer.  But I realize nothing is 100%.

The vet says the stitches will probably stay in a month.  They actually took two lumps out, one a tad bigger than a golf ball.  Bailey is "roughly" 4.  Not totally sure since she's a rescue.

Lastly, hubby put our fifth wheel in the driveway for a few days so we both could do a clean-up on it.  Ready to go...when Bailey gets better. We do have reservations in Durango, CO here , but not until after the Fourth.  We really enjoy it there.

Hoping my next post will be sooner rather than later.  Please forgive me for not hopping to your blogs to comment.  Time has just gotten away from me.

Sending you all good thoughts for a good week.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Hot" AZ Rescue

Finished up a donation quilt for the AZ Weimaraner Rescue to be raffled off - or outright purchased, which was done last year.

The center was done on tapestry weight fabric.  The red and black are Kona solids and the doggie print is a flannel I had left from a couple prior projects.  Measures 28 3/4" by 30 1/2".

Below embroideries were done in anticipation of putting them in the corners with another red border but hubby thought the quilt would be too busy so I'll just hang on to them for another project for the Rescue. 

And look who I found on the freshly changed bed.......Nope, not changing it again...LOL

We had more patio put down - out from under the patio roof....No, that's  not a snake in the center.

The "HOT" part of this post:  We purchased a hot tub. That "snake-y" looking thingie was the conduit buried in the ground and brought up where it is now covered.

Yes, I really DID have a cup of morning coffee in it at 6 AM.

I have another embroidery project I hope to finish up this week. Then I plan on ironing the pieces from  a FQS kit that I got this week: Deck-ade the Halls.  You can read about here on the Jolly Jabber.

Hope you have a wonderful evening.